“Day of mulled wine” on the Museum Square

день глинтвейна во львове 2017

Date: February 14, 2017, beginning at 16:00
Location: Museum Square, 1

Day of mulled wine on an area of ​​the Museum | Tickets: free entrance

free entrance

Days of blacksmithing skill at Museum Square, February 2017

дни кузнечного мастерства во львове

Date: 3 - 5 February, 2017, beginning at 14:00
Location: Museum Square, 1

Festival blacksmith | Tickets: free entrance

free entrance

Calendar of events in Lviv in 2016

Львов, фестивали, концерты, праздники | City of Lions

The delight of Lviv and guests year Fire Monkey – this issue figured out City of Lions (apartments for rent in Lviv).

Updated 09.04.2016

According to the Eastern calendar, the monkey, by nature, artistic, a little eccentric and a good mood – cheerful and kind, often full of surprises, she is a lover of adventure and new experiences. This is the immutable spirit reigns in the cultural life of Lviv festival from year to year. It is encouraging to realize more and more exciting project than earned the interest of tourists and residents of Lviv will certainly attend all cultural events of our city.

XII International Jazz Festival “Weathervanes of Lviv”

фестиваль флюгери львова

Date: 6-9 May 2016
Location: Rynok Square, 1 (inner courtyard)

Festival “Weathervanes of Lviv” will be held in the midst of the May holidays | 70-150 UAH

Where to go on the May Day celebrations in Ukraine – the secret reveals the City of Lions

Calendar winter has passed the three weeks. A warm days, with a playful sunny mood, has only just begun. But it is clear to everyone – it’s spring! Real spring. And the spring festival and cultural life is just beginning.

The first big series of spring festivals in store for us in the beginning of May. City of Lions learned weekend schedule on these days. Their appears to be as much as 12! Schedule is:

Concert Belgian guitarist Francis Goya in the Lviv Opera

концерт Франсиса Гойя во Львове

Date: April 19, 2016, beginning at 19:00
Location: Lviv Opera House, theSvobody Avenue, 28

One of the concerts Francis Goya’s world tour will be held in Lviv | Tickets 150-700 UAH

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The concert Jamala in Lviv


Date: 12 April, 19:00
Location: Lviv Opera House, Svobody Avenue, 28

Recital of the winner of the national competition for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 | tickets 140-790 UAH

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Holiday Batyar in Lviv

Date: May 1-4
Location: Museum Square, 1

This year’s festival Batyar appear in a new form

World Cup Final Women’s Chess Championship in Lviv

Date: 1-18 March
Location: Potocki Palace, ul. Copernicus, 15

Check spectators at chess matches of the World Cup on our website

The second competition of choreographers “Ballet Fest”

"балет фест", львов 2016

Date: 10 February - 17 April
Location: Opera House, Svobody Avenue, 28

The competition is the best productions of ballet on the stage of the Opera House

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Zlata Ognevich in Lviv with a concert “Kindle Fire”

злата огневич во львове с концертом

Date: March 28, beginning at 19:00
Location: Opera House, Svobody Avenue, 28

Finalist of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will give a solo concert | Tickets 90-490 UAH

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Rock Symphony Concert – world hits

Date: March 7, 2016, 19:00
Location: Opera House, Prospect Svobody, 28

The most famous world hits performed by the Grand Orchestra | tickets 180-680 UAH

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The exhibition «Lviv Art Fair» will be held in Lviv

Date: 9-12 March 2016
Location: Palace of Arts, Str. Kopernica, 17

International Art Exhibition Lviv Art Fair

Evening “Ukrainian romance” at the Philharmonic

Date: March 22, beginning at 19:00
Location: Lviv Philharmonic, ul. Tchaikovsky, 7


Evening “Ukrainian romance” to the 86 anniversary of Lina Kostenko | Tickets 60-280 UAH

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“Suhishvili” Ensemble Concert

Date: February 23, 19:00
Location: Opera House, Prospect Svobody, 28

A grand and unforgettable show | tickets 300-1300 UAH

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It started selling tickets for the Chocolate Festival

свято шоколада львів

Date: March 4-8, 2016г
Location: Lviv Palace of Arts, Street Kopernica, 17

Festival will be held every day until 20:00 | tickets 20-35 UAH

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Alessandro Safina in Lviv opera with a solo concert

Алессандро Сафина Львов | City of Lions

Date: March 5, beginning at 19:00
Place: Opera Theatre, Prospect Svobody, 28


The first big solo concert | tickets 350-1900 UAH

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The second Festival of “360” will be held in early March

фестиваль 360 2016г

Date: 5 March 2016, at 17:00
Location: Prospect of Vyacheslav Chornovil, 2, Event-Hall Kino

The festival will perform 6 teams | Tickets 150-300 UAH

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“Chocolate Festival 2016” in Lviv

праздник шоколада во Львове, март 2016

Date: 4-8 March 2016
Location: Palace of Arts, st. Copernica, 17

Festival of chocolate sweeten Women’s Day | tickets 20-30 UAH

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Lviv is waiting for Valentine’s Day

День Святого Валентина, Львов | City of Lions

Date: February 14, 2016
Location: location city

Every year on this day, February 14, in the hearts of all lovers coming holiday Valentine’s Day. For Ukraine, it is a relatively young festival. In Catholic Europe, it is celebrated as much as from the XIII century.

January 6 in Lviv establish Didukh

Рождество, установка Дидуха | City of Lions

Date: January 6, 2016, beginning at 12:00
Location: Liberty Avenue

Traditionally, in Lviv, just on the eve of Christmas – the festival of light, right on the main street of the city – Liberty Avenue in front of the Opera House will establish Didukh. Festival will be accompanied by carols, fun solemn procession, expected different competitive programs and a special program for children.

Jubilee Festival «Jazz Bez» – the main event of December

Фестиваль jazz bezz львов 2015 | City of Lions

Date: 4-15 December 2015
Location: concert halls and clubs of the city (see. The festival program)

15-year anniversary of an event such as the Jazz Festival – certainly a long time. During this time, «Jazz Bez» for many participants, performers and spectators of the festival had become not just a tradition. It has become an integral part of the cultural life of jazz, fills us every year in December, including for the hotel, this apartment City of Lions – a big fan of jazz.

Preparing for the 2016 Woodstock Ukraine has already begun

Woodstock Ukraine 2016 | City of Lions

Date: 28-30 July 2016

Location: village of Svirzh, Peremyshlyany district, Lviv region

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Festival Woodstock Ukraine 2015

Date: 7-9 August 2015
Place: Svirzh Castle, p. Svirzh, Lviv region.

Woodstock Ukraine is a summertime festival that takes place on a small territory of Ukrainian lands outdoors. This time we are changing our favorite bad to crazy nights with music, among tents and fire. This summer it lasts during 8-12 of July on the territory of Svirzh castle in Lviv region. We have a lot of surprises to the visitors (and not only musical): workshops, theatrical performances, sign-sessions, tea ceremonies, hatha yoga, tasting of vegetarian dishes, canoe competitions and a so on. The highlight of  our music scene are the performances of Neil Taylor and a lot of different bands from Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Mexico and Canada and so on.

Christmas in Lviv

VII City Doughnut Featival

Date: 7-9 January 2015

This year in Lviv Doughnut Festival was visited by over 100 thousand citizens and visitors alike!

Traditionally in Christmas time from 7th to 9th of January VI City Doughnut Festival took place in Lviv. This year’s Doughnut Festival was visited by a record number of citizens and visitors alike, and it is more than 100 thousand visitors.

International Theatre Festival “Golden Lion”

Date: September 27 – October 5, 2014

Location: city area

This year International Theatre Festival “Golden Lion”, which will take place from the 27th of September till the 5thof October 2014, celebrates it’s 25th anniversary. In such a difficult time for Ukraine this year’s festival will be held under the motto “East and West together”.

In the program of the festival citizens and guests of the city will see performances of the theatres from Germany, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine, which will be shown on the stages of Lviv theatres. The repertoire of the Festival always includes theatres from Eastern Ukraine.

On Christmas in Lviv