Contemporary Drama Festival “Drama 2014”

Date: 16-24 November 2014

Location: Lviv theaters / to be announced /

This year, the Lions again visit a festival of contemporary theater arts!

Drama.UA” a projection of the theater, which we want to see in Ukraine, which we are willing to do and where we are happy to go as spectators.

Festival “Jazz Bez – 2014” in Lviv

Date: 4-15 December 2014

Place: the scene in the city center

«Jazz Bez 2014″ is the largest and most experienced international festival that his energy jazz annually for over 10 years, brings together dozens of cities in Ukraine and Poland.

Jazz Without Lviv – one of the most famous and longest standing jazz festivals in Ukraine, which not only successfully managed to survive more than 10 years, but every time that manages to increase the audience, titled invite artists from around the world and connect to the new jazz movement of the city.

Organ Festival “Range – 2014” in Lviv

Date: November 1 December 11, 2014

Location: Lviv Organ and Chamber Music, st. Bandera 8

Festival “Range” is aimed at a return to Lviv decent rank organ music center. Of all the cities in Ukraine lions has the richest organ tradition – the ancient city competed with Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Vilnius. This year the festival invited to Lviv musicians from Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland and other countries.

V Festival cheese and wine in Lviv

Date: 24-26 October 2014

Location: North side of Market Square

Holiday cheese and wine in Lviv in 2014 will be held for the fifth time. Within 3 days you can visit the big fair cheeses and wines, which will be presented as products of large manufacturers and importers and regional organic products. And all this with an interactive cultural program.

VI Chocolate Festival, again in Lviv!

Date: 17-19 October 2014

Location: Palace of Arts, str. Copernicus, 15

Lions preparing for grand VII Chocolate Festival. Soon Lviv Palace of Arts you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of “absolute chocolate”, you will be pleasantly surprised taste and variety of chocolate sweets, master classes from the best chocolatiers, and rest assured that you will spend memorable “chocolate” weekend!

International Folklore Festival “Etnovyr” 2014

Date: August 20-24, 2014

Location: Halls of city

We invite you to plunge into the turbulent rhythms of folk dance from around the world 20-24 August 2014!

Every year the festival “Etnovyr” explodes with bright colors and is the main event of the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine in Lviv. During the festival there are colorful choirs, spectacular parades of participants march through the main streets of the city, national cuisine presentations.

Woodstock Ukraine 2014


Date: 1-13 July 2014

Location: city scene

We invite you to the 6th International Festival of Jewish music LvivKlezFest, which will be held from 1 to 13 July 2014.

LvivKlezFest – an attempt to recreate the lost Jewish musical culture and to revive that part of the Galician multicultural capital, which was destroyed in the fire of the Holocaust.

This year’s festival will be held under the auspices of “Jews for the unity of Ukraine” and offers a very rich and vibrant program, Which begins July 1, 2014 premiere fabulous project “Music in Hollywood. Jewish roots, “which will present Lviv Youth Symphony Orchestra” INSO-Lviv “in Lviv Regional Philharmonic indoors.