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City of Lions » Events » Days of blacksmithing skill at Museum Square, February 2017
дни кузнечного мастерства во львове

Days of blacksmithing skill at Museum Square, February 2017

Date: 3 - 5 February, 2017, beginning at 14:00
Location: Museum Square, 1

Festival blacksmith | Tickets: free entrance

free entrance

This annual festival, each time gathering a lot of tourists and residents of Lviv, who with great interest pouring into the atmosphere blacksmithing skill of the best masters of their craft.

Forging craft originated in the XI century. In those days, in the manufacture of forged products and give them the desired shape, it was possible only by attacking the sponge iron. That was a very difficult and time consuming process that requires tremendous efforts blacksmith.

Relief in blacksmithing came with the beginning of the use of fire. At the same time tempering forged products has brought them increased strength that allowed the use of metal products in all sectors of the economy.

Nowadays, forging, due to the complicated production process, it was almost the only handmade craft.

Blacksmithing now very much in demand in the interior design, landscape design. Often vacation homes we can not imagine without a fence or wrought forging elements in it. Some of the most beautiful and luxurious, giving a special spirit of antiquity, obtained forged chandeliers, candleholders, furniture, home design elements. Any forged products in our home highlights your personality, your style, a way of life. Because each piece is unique in its own way, it is endowed with a particle of the soul master.

дни кузнечного мастерства во львове 2017 г

Hopefully, blacksmithing not die in the future, but on the contrary, will delight us with its elegance and originality!

Join this timeless tale. By the way, everyone will be able to do it literally, through master classes, which will take place immediately.

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