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Calendar of events in Lviv in 2016

The delight of Lviv and guests year Fire Monkey – this issue figured out City of Lions (apartments for rent in Lviv).

Updated 09.04.2016

According to the Eastern calendar, the monkey, by nature, artistic, a little eccentric and a good mood – cheerful and kind, often full of surprises, she is a lover of adventure and new experiences. This is the immutable spirit reigns in the cultural life of Lviv festival from year to year. It is encouraging to realize more and more exciting project than earned the interest of tourists and residents of Lviv will certainly attend all cultural events of our city.

We offer you to get acquainted with the upcoming events in 2016. Our calendar will gradually be filled as earnings announcements from the organizers, specifying the dates and programs. Follow our news. In the meantime, it looks like this:


  • 1-17 January / Christmas Market: it was launched in December and runs to the 17th of January, but it is possible its continuation; Visitors to the fair is a great opportunity to buy exclusive souvenirs, taste dishes of national cuisine, drink strong drinks, to take part in numerous competitions and attractions; Fair is held on the pedestrian mall, etc.. Freedom;
  • 6 January / Installing the symbol of Christmas: Didukh – Christmas star Bethlehem, crowded fun this afternoon will take place in the morning and will end with the prospect of Liberty costume procession;
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  • 7-9 January / “Christmas Guy”: spend Christmas in nature, in an atmosphere of antiquity, to get into the Christmas story, touch and participate in the fun or traditional crafts – all this will be possible in the Shevchenko Guy; time of 12:00 to 20:00 in the period from the 7th to the 9th of January;
  • 7-11 January / Holiday “Pampukha”: ancient festival Christians festivities with carols, various entertainments fun, nativity scenes; All activities will take place in the open air, the main festivities – Sq. Market and Shevchenko Hai;
  • 7-24 January / Festival “Great Kolyada”: an annual festival of Ukrainian heritage, spirituality and Christianity; held in the format of concerts; They will be held at the Cathedral of the Holy Eucharist, which is located on the square. The museum, 3;
  • 8 January / Days of blacksmithing skill to Museum Square: held several times a year, January – the first of the year; will be master classes, demonstrations creative processes blacksmiths, sales, manufacturing products under the order, as well as music and concert program;
  • 9-10 January / City Festival dens: the expected performance of amateur and professional teams; Action will take place in the church of St. Covers Street. Lychakivs’ka, 175;
  • 22 January / Reunion Day of Ukraine: Ukrainian holiday; in the center of Lviv (Rynok sq. and Prospect of Freedom) will be mass cultural events with music and dance, theater groups; Admission to all events is free;
  • 23 January / First City holiday cordials; festival will be held at the Museum of Ideas; the first time the event reaches the urban scale; Tickets for 10 UAH .;


  • 5-7 February / “Battle of the choreographers of Ukraine”: festival of which will take part in music and dance groups from all over the country; Competition will take place on the stage of the Palace of Culture. G. Khotkevych Street. Kushevicha, 1;
  • 10 February – April 17 / Second All-Ukrainian competition of choreographers “Ballet-FEST”: The competition is an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents on the professional stage productions, with the participation of professional artists of the troupe; Competition will take place in several stages; Place: Lvovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre. S. Krushelnitskoy;
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  • 13 February / Festive – concert of the Symphony Orchestra of Lords of the Sound “Hits: Love Story 2″: The concert you will see theatrical performances and dance performances, hear the vocal composition, pursuant to soundtracks and hits: Whitney Houston, ADELE, Scorpions, «Romeo and Juliet”, “The Diary memory”, “Amelie”, “50 shades of gray”, “Titanic”, the best hits of groups: Lana Del Rey, Scorpions, Adele, Sting, Aerosmith, magic Whitney Houston and others; concert will be held in the Opera House, the Svobody Avenue, 28, the beginning concerts at 17:00 and 20:00, ticket price 100-470 UAH;
  • 14 February / Valentines Day: warm holiday lovers will warm us in the dead of winter, on the Square. The market will be a fascinating flash mob concert and show program;
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  • 23 February / Concert of the Georgian ensemble “Suhishvili”: incredibly beautiful and temperamental show will be held within the walls of the Opera House; The concert begins at 19:00;
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  • 27 February / Festival of Theatre Sports “Lviv IMPROV Festina”: Ball “SerYozno ImprovGrup” and the first master-school “Improv”; perfomens and master-class team “Kickit Art Studio”; innovative performance group “Ban Kotsik”; Festival will be held on the stage of Lviv Drama Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka, str. Gorodetskaya, 36, beginning at 17:00;


  • 1-18 March / The World Chess Championship among women: the first time such a significant event will be held in Lviv; gold for the chess crown will compete from Lvov and our compatriot Maria Muzychuk and Chinese Hou Yifan; All matches will be held at the Palace of Potocki, Copernica str., 15; Registration on our website viewers; More >>
  • 4-8 March / Chocolate Festival: 10th anniversary festival decided to hold an international Women’s Day – March 8, the sweetest festival will bring together all the walls of the Palace of Arts on the street. Copernicus is an incredible abundance of fancy chocolate and all this will be to try and places and take part in the manufacturing process;
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  • 5 March / Recital Alessandro Safina: the well-known world tenor will perform on the stage of Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Krushelnytska; tickets cost 350-1900 UAH .; The concert begins at 19:00; Svobody Avenue, 28;
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  • 5 March / 360 Second Festival: this year’s festival will be held for the second time; Festival of young bands and bands that will perform on stage Event-Hall KІNO for 9 hours; is selected 6 groups to participate later expect clarification from the organizers; the price of tickets from 150 to 300 UAH; Place: Avenue. Vyacheslav Chornovil, 2, Event Hall «Kіno”;
  • 9-12 March / International Trade exhibition “Lviv Art Fair”; The festival will present various directions of modern art: artists, writers, film; Festival will be held in the Palace of Arts on the street Copernica, 17;
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  • 11-13 March / The international festival of arts “Lion City in 2016”; The festival will take place in the following formats: vocal, choreography and original art; soloists and ensembles will show the audience the best that is in the national culture; Place: City Palace of Culture Khotkevych, Str. Kushevicha, 1; 
  • 19-20 March / First “Wedding Festival 2016“: For the first time in Lviv will host a festival with the theme; fantasy organizers offer visitors the most unexpected surprises of the festival, we look forward to; Location: Exhibition Hall of the shopping center South” (str. Schiretskaya, 36);
  • 20-22 March / XI International Theatre Festival of special theaters “The Way”: Speech by theater groups of people with special needs; The festival will take place in the international theater program in Ukraine (Lviv) and Poland (Lublin, Gliwice), Belarus (Brest); the venue of the festival to be confirmed;
  • 29-31 March / International Festival of Arts “Golden Lion 2016”: a major theatrical festival for three days will transform the center of Lviv on one big stage;


  • 12 April / Recital singer Jamala: winner of the national competition, the future participant of the Eurovision Song Contest will perform in the Lviv Opera a recital; in the repertoire – already popular songs and the new prime minister; The Lviv Opera House, the beginning of the concert at 19:00; pre-sale tickets on our website;
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  • 19 April / Concert guitarist Francis Goya: the famous composer and guitarist Francis Goya made his legendary hits on the scene of Lviv Opera House; concert will be held at 19:00, tickets cost 150-700 UAH;
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  • 25 April / Pre-Easter Overture: The grand concert with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra Franz Liszt – one of the best in the world; concert will be held in the Lviv Opera; Tickets: 300-1300 UAH;
  • 25-30 April  / Ukrainian festival “Eggs”, one of the major theatrical performances in Lviv, beautiful and full of national traditions of the holiday, which you can watch being in the center of the city;


  • 1 May / Easter: This year it coincided with the May Day holidays, we already know that the holidays will be 4 days, from April 30 to May 3; in the software will be a festive liturgy and procession, purified water, fun, competitions Easter decorations and paraphernalia, exhibition sales, big festivities; these days is expected a large flow of tourists to the city, which heats the demand for daily rent, so the Passover book the apartments for a few weeks or months;
  • 1-4 May / Batyar’s Day in Lviv: Festival, representing batyarskuyu culture of Lviv, on the agenda: outdoor fun, dancing and singing, batyarsky shooting, Fair batyarskih ligumin, batyarsky fotosektor, action theater and concerts; all will see the streets of central part of Lviv;
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  • 6-9 May / Jazz festival “Weathervanes Lviv”: an annual festival, which has its own characteristic feature only to him – ethnic music in jazz interpretation; event is invariably accompanied by interactivity with the audience, theatrical performances, and other performances; it gives the atmosphere of seclusion courtyard Town Hall;
  • 7 May / City Day: The annual festival of Lviv, which is celebrated on the first Saturday of May; This year it fell on May 7; numerous folk festivals, concerts, attractions – traditional in this day; Lviv is waiting for you on your birthday;
  • 13-14 May (tbc holiday program) / Night of Museums: All-Ukrainian festival of museums; This year is expected to participate actively in Lviv museums in general the cultural program of the city; Details of the holiday is specified;
  • 17 May / The show-concert “World Hits” with the program “Rock Star”: The concert will feature compositions of world stars, rock legends, including: Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Tina Turner, Guns N ‘Roses, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Depeche Mode, Rammstein, Muse, Coldplay and others; Concert will take place at the Theatre of Opera and Ballet Krushelnytska (Svobody Avenue, 28), 19:00; Tickets cost 150-450 UAH;
  • 17 May / Miss Lviv 2016: The annual competition, held in Lviv in 2009; time and place where gather all the elite of our city; Competition will be held in the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater, Liberty Avenue, 28; Ticket price: 100-650 UAH;
  • 19 May / Festival Carnival Embroideries: The main noteworthy – a solemn procession of thousands of participants in the national Furnishings; the most massive costumed action of the year; Parade of Embroidery sweep the central avenue of the city;
  • 27 May / Concert Markus Schulz: This is not the first recital Markus Schulz in Lviv, he fell in love with our audience; This time Markus Schulz will give a concert on the biggest stage of our site – “Arena Lviv”; The concert begins at 20:00; Ticket price: 190-500 UAH;


  • 3-5 June / festival of vintage cars “Leopolis Grand Prix”: the best way possible this festival fits precisely in our city that can no longer be pleasing to the eye than a string of vintage cars driving around impressively bridge the ancient city; You seem to plunge into the atmosphere of the past; an event which can not be missing;
  • 11 June / Concert in Lviv group “Okean Elzy” in the world tour: the presentation of the 9th album will take place on the world scale, and the Lions will be the first city; Tickets cost 300-650 UAH., beginning at 20:00; Concert will take place at the “Arena Lviv” Str. Stryis’ka 199;
  • 17-19 June / Tenth anniversary festival “Zashkov 2016”: This year’s festival will be held under the motto – “Source movement”; Festival will take place near the lake at the foot of the mountain Berekavitsy; traditional festival of sports and cultural subjects;
  • 24-27 June / Festival “Alfa Jazz Fest”: International Jazz Festival is always going to Lviv international stars, a remarkable and unforgettable event the current endless stream of fascinating sounds of jazz improvisation, is not to be missed; the stage will be installed in the park to them. B. Khmelnitsky on the square. Market and in the courtyard of the Palace of Potocki;


  • 17-19 July (dates subject to change) / Gastronomic Festival “Lviv on a plate”: all the best, can boast of Lviv, will be collected and is available in one place a wide audience of visitors, holiday gourmet; (More information about the event is expected later);
  • 23-24 July / International Cultural Festival “Franco Fest”: recall the work of our great compatriot; Expect more concert and literary meetings with writers and historians;
  • 27-31 July / 9 th International Short Film Festival «WIZ-ART»: film festival, live communication, master classes, presentations; wonderful occasion to experience the atmosphere of the creative process of cinematography;
  • 28-30 July / Festival «Woodstock Ukraine 2016″: a major musical Fest will Svirzhsky near the Castle, next to Lviv; Festival gathers up to 15 thousand of his fans; international event, this year it will be the 5th time; More >>


  • 20-24 August / 6th Festival “Etnovyr”: International Folklore Festival, carnival, colorful and spectacular event; gathering place on the main avenue;
  • 19-21 August / Zaxidfest Festival 2016: annual rock festival, takes place in a picturesque corner of Lviv, in the open air; on three stages of the festival is expected to speak about a hundred groups; ticket price of 500 UAH; Venue: “Charivna Valley”, Lviv region, Gorodotsky district,. Rodatychi Street. Lakeside, 1;


  • 15-18 September / 22 th International Book “Publishers’ Forum in Lviv”: the biggest event of the year for publishers and book lovers, held in Lviv; place – the whole area in front of the Palace of Arts and the palace itself;
  • 17-18 September (provisional date) / Festival of authentic art “Spindle”: Each year the festival is held on the territory of the Shevchenko Guy – Museum of Folk Architecture and Life; a great opportunity to touch the roots of ancient Ukrainian culture;
  • 22-25 September / Festival “On coffee to Lviv”: Fair and tasting, workshops and competitions, Barista Championship, Cup of coffee shops of the city, the choice of the king and queen and many other, accompanied, of course, costumed performances and theatrical; principal place of traditional coffee fireworks – Sq. The market is expected as additional presentation platforms;


  • 21-23 October / Festival “City celebration cheese and wine”: introduces the tradition of cheese-making and wine-making culture of consumption of wine, guests will visit the Fair and master classes, tastings, participate in entertainment events and amusements, contests and promotions, concerts with special guests; Festival will welcome all the open area in front of the Palace of Fine Arts;
  • 24 October – 1 November / Lviv Fashion Week: event, which takes place in Lviv twice a year, this time to the autumn session of the fashion; It will involve several sites in Lviv;


  • 25-27 November (provisional date) / Festival “Night in Lviv”: an annual festival, always passing concerts, carnivals, folk festivals; the central location of the city;


  • 4-15 December (provisional date) / Festival «Jazz Bez»: a big jazz festival is annually visited Lvov and Lvov fell in love for a long time and visitors, last year was a jubilee festival; program and dates will be specified later in our announcements; 
  • 10 December 15 January 2017 / Lviv Christmas Fair: we can say that New Year and Christmas holidays begin from that moment, and otherwise Lviv Christmas Fair every year becomes a handwheel, which spins the pre-Christmas mood; Fair is held on the Svobody Avenue;
  • 19 December / Feast of St. Nicholas: Christmas and New Year holidays begin on that day; time to give the kids gifts and prepare for the sacraments of Christmas; Traditionally, the cultural life of the city to this day very rich variety of concert programs and theatrical productions, most of which takes place in the open and available to the public;

Every visit to the city will always be for you the unique in its own way. Because Lions unstable and ready to surprise you throughout the year. Even ordinary holidays or festivals, each time you open something new. That is, we, Lvov. We are waiting for you.

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