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Excursion “Fortress Tustan and waterfall Kamenka”

Country Tour “Fortress Tustan and waterfall Kamenka”


Picturesque views of the reserve always attract tourists with its beauty and primeval.

It was located in a place where a fortress Tustan – outpost Galicia-Volyn principality. 

The days of sightseeing tour:  every day

Time: from 09:00 to 17:00 (possible late arrival to Lviv)

Tourist route: Tustan (Fortress Tustan) – (waterfall Kamenka)

The plan of the tour: Departure from Lviv (09:00) – the village Urich (Fortress Tustan and dinner) – National Park “Skole Beskids” – village Dubina (waterfall “Kamenka”) – the lake-marsh “Crane” (or dead) – the source “Living Water” – Lviv (return at 17:00)

What do you to be seen

First stop – Fortress Tustan

“Tustan” State Historical and Cultural Reserve – one of the most beautiful, the most beautiful places in Ukraine. Even in the III millennium BC, the sanctuary was on the rocks, and in the IX-XIII centuries. on the rocks it was an ancient Russian defense complex occupies about 3 hectares, the city-fortress, the customs by which the goods were taken on the transcontinental road “Silk Road” from China to Portugal.

тустань крепость

Modern reconstruction of the fortress Tustan

крепость тустань

View Fortress Tustan from the lake


Tustan was an important strategic point and was a uniform system of the Carpathian line of defense south-western borders of Kievan Rus and later Galicia-Volyn principality.

This is a unique monument of ancient architecture, not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, which has about 3 thousand slots in the rocks, where to insert the wooden construction (it could be a 5-storey fortress).

Nearby is a well-known, referred to as “tank”. A unique exhibit is carved in the rocks.

Second stop – National Park “Skole Beskids”

The park was created in 1999 to preserve and recreate the landscapes of the Carpathians. The unique natural complexes, which have important environmental, ecological, aesthetic, educational and recreational value.

Located on the slopes of the mountains. The ranges of the park stretches from the northwest to the southeast. They consist of individual peaks that are separated by mountain streams.  

The park is under the protection of 11 species listed in the European Red List and 30 species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

сколевские бескиды львов

The main attraction of the park – Uritsky rocks that are 3 km from the village Urich Skole district

сколевские бескиды

Primeval landscape of the park, “Skole Beskids”


The third stop – waterfall “Kamenka” and the lake-marsh “Crane”

The waterfall is located on the river Kamenka, near the village of Dubina. Part of the National Natural Park “Skole Beskids”. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most striking sights, a miracle of nature. The waterfall was formed as a gap in the picturesque mountain range. The water falls from a height of huge rocks.


озеро журавлиное

Dead Lake (lake-swamp “Crane”)

Каменка водопад

Waterfall Kamenka


Not far from the waterfall is a bridge across the river Kamenka. Here, a few meters from the bridge, is the source of healing mineral water with hydrogen sulfide. The water is somewhat similar in composition and taste the famous “Naftusya.” It should be used solely for preventive and curative purposes in small doses. 

At the heart of the reserve, “Skole Beskids”, next to a waterfall located Kamenka great beauty lake Crane otherwise referred to as the dead. About the tradition of local residents, the lake has mystical powers.

Lunch: boykovskaya kitchen (stuffed cabbage, mushroom soup, pies).

The cost of the group: 400 UAH

The price includes: excursion and transport services according to the program.
The price includes: excursion and transport services according to the program.
Tickets: at the reserve – 16 UAH, in the archaeological museum – 15 UAH.

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