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Where to go on the May Day celebrations in Ukraine – the secret reveals the City of Lions

Calendar winter has passed the three weeks. A warm days, with a playful sunny mood, has only just begun. But it is clear to everyone – it’s spring! Real spring. And the spring festival and cultural life is just beginning.

The first big series of spring festivals in store for us in the beginning of May. City of Lions learned weekend schedule on these days. Their appears to be as much as 12! Schedule is:

Start the weekend – April 30 (Saturday and holiday). Next – May 1 Sunday, holiday holiday, so he transferred to the May 2 Monday, which, in turn, becomes the output. On Tuesday, May 3rd output for May 2. Working days 4 and 5 May short break, which is the most savvy will make two additional output. On Friday, May 6, will be a shortened pre-holiday time, which, if you read the above can be reduced with the previous day, again, thanks to wit. Next, 7, 8 and 9 May weekend.

Rubs his hands together and, in anticipation of the big weekend, predetermined two questions – “How to spend it?” And “Where to stay?”. And if you are going to spend it in Lviv, in response to the first question, to share all that we know about the upcoming events of the first decade of May. A second problem – apartment in Lviv, will help to solve on their own.

May 1, Easter.

Great Christian holiday. On this day in the churches held a festive liturgy and the consecration of food. Then folk fun and fun to be in the downtown area. competitions Easter decorations and paraphernalia will be organized. On the Market Square will be fair and exhibition and sale. Eggs holiday, which ends Good Friday will take place the eve of Easter.

на пасху во львов

May 1-4, Batyar’s Day in Lviv.

This relatively young festival, which tells us about the authentic culture of Lviv, originated at the beginning of the last century. These days, Lions will be filled with paraphernalia and characters from the past. Theatrical performances will be held just among ordinary passers-by. You will be able to resist vryatli not allowed in the street of fun, dancing and singing byatyar. More information about the festival City of Lions previously wrote in the article-announcement “Holiday Batyar in Lviv”.

праздник батяра во львове

6-9 May, Jazz Festival “Weathervanes of Lviv”.

Jazz – one of ten cultural attractions, which boasts of Lviv. Perhaps the only city in Ukraine, where the citizens love jazz so much, and its culture has very deep roots time. Jazz has many faces, we know many of his interpretations. Festival “Weathervanes of Lviv” dedicated to ethno-jazz. Scenes will be installed at several points in Lvov, outdoor and indoor. Central will be the scene in the courtyard of City Hall. In the restaurant and cafeteria prepare its surprises. But the main thing that unites us all – live music. And how could it be otherwise, it’s Lions!

фестиваль флюгеры львова

May 7, City Day. 

Every year, on the first Saturday of May is celebrated the feast of the city. You are lucky enough to take part in the many amusements, theatrical and amusement; attend the concerts. Normally, all this is public to everyone and free of charge.

день города львова

All holidays can be scheduled and guided tour. We recommend themselves especially not peretruzhdaetsya in this matter and not to plan more than 2 trips per day. Save your strength for a rest. Excursions can be in the city and countryside. Recent require you almost a whole day. Guests for the first time to visit Lviv, suggested a study to begin in the walking tour “The streets of the old city.”

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Continue to explore the city will allow bus tours “7 Wonders of Lviv” and “Lviv – The Pearl of Europe”. For evening relaxation suitable excursion “Evening Lions”, because in the evening Lions blooms before the eyes of the tourist unforgettable totally different guise. Side Trips to advise necessarily spend this time of year. Three most remarkable of them – “Medieval Krehivskyy Zhovkva and the Monastery”, “Golden Horseshoe” (3 Castle Lviv) and “Fortress Tustan and waterfall Kamenka”. Foodies probably attract “Beer Tour” excursions, “enchantment Lviv coffee.”

The influx of visitors to the city during the May holidays is huge every year. We associate with it, perhaps, only to the New Year and Christmas holidays. Frequent visitors of Lviv, especially during the May holidays, who like no other knows that it is necessary to book an apartment for a few months. Of course, if we are talking about what we want to choose exactly what you like, not what’s left.

As for prices – they are about twice as high as normal. The closer to the top of events, the smaller the range greater deficit and correspondingly higher price. In the latter case, the higher the price will often be “reasoned” exclusively poverty proposals, and not quality. So hurry up with their plans.

The best choice for the May holidays apartments in our Aparthotel is still relevant. Link to the search page at this link. Have a nice choice!

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