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День Святого Валентина, Львов | City of Lions

Lviv is waiting for Valentine’s Day

Date: February 14, 2016
Location: location city

Every year on this day, February 14, in the hearts of all lovers coming holiday Valentine’s Day. For Ukraine, it is a relatively young festival. In Catholic Europe, it is celebrated as much as from the XIII century.

This day is associated with the patron saint of lovers a priest and martyr, St. Valentine. He was born in the third century AD. And, as the legend goes, it was ancient Rome, the era of the reign of Emperor Claudius 2nd. In those hard times, according to the law of the emperor, the Roman soldiers were forbidden to marry. However, in violation of this, the priest Valentin, a secret from the world, still crowned in love, eager to be together. When the emperor learned of this, he ordered the execution of Valentine. Priest jailed.

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святой валентин

St. Valentine

While in prison, Valentine met the daughter of a security guard, a blind girl and fell in love with her. Lastly, Valentine left a letter to his lover. So, according to legend, it is a letter, after the death of the priest, Woman healed from blindness. Valentine emperor executed February 14. Since then it is believed that the healing message to Sway Valentine sweetheart and became the first valentine”. And after about 200 years, ie, the priest Valentine Church recognized saints.

Part of the relics of Saint Valentine is located in Ukraine, in our region, in the Church of the Nativity of the Holy Borogoditsy. In 1759, a special document from the Pope, the relics were found genuine.

Attributes inherent in celebration today “Valentine” and red roses, thanks to Charles Duke of Orleans, is also a prison prisoner appeared much later, in the XV century.

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  The nearest holiday this time falls on a Sunday. “City of Lionswill follow closely the announcements of cultural events dedicated to the Valentine’s Day and later inform you in the news. In the meantime, we offer you to look at the calendar of events expected this yearall the events in Lviv in 2016.

Book an apartment for the days of the holiday, on our website http://sutky.com.ua. Each of our apartments are close to all the clubs, theaters, concert halls, placed in the central part of the city.

Our apartments for Valentine’s Day:

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