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City of Lions » Tours in the city and in the country » Excursion “Lviv coffee charms”

Excursion “Lviv coffee charms”

Excursion “Lviv coffee charms”


The tour passes through the medieval part of Lviv,

where there are cafes with the interiors of the imperial era.

The days of sightseeing tour: daily

Time: Beginning at 17:00, duration 2,5 hours


What do you to be seen

Cafe “Pid sinoyu flask” (Cafe «Under the Blue Bottle”). This is one of the oldest cafes in Lviv, made similar eponymous Austrian institution, opened in 1683 is a cafe in the building, which has historical value – “Kamenica Gepner”.

A small room for a few tables where you can feel the atmosphere of Lviv of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Former Interior, pictures on the walls, lots of antiques, burning candles, playing authentic music, menu stylized naming dishes.

Cafe “Pid sinoyu flask”


Cafe «Fresco». This café-candy offers exclusive chocolate products, unique homemade cakes and wonderful quality coffee. The unique decoration is painting wall VIII – IX centuries, which the cafe “Fresco” and owes its name.

Cafe “Fresco”



Cafe “Videnka” – the oldest coffee shop in Lviv.

Cafe “Stuck”. Coffee “Stuck” is located in the center of Lviv, near the Opera House, in the building which is an architectural landmark.

Choosing a name for the café is not accidental. About a hundred years ago in Lviv already existed a similar institution, opened at Theater street in 1909 by Ferdinand Turlinskim. It was a very nice coffee shop. Its walls were decorated with paintings of famous at that time, artists: Blotskiy, Pauch, Dembitsky, Sihulsky. Stanislav Lyudkevych told that here come not only coffee, but also for the special mood that is created here especially in the evening.

During the restoration of this historic building Lviv restorers have renewed the inscription on the facade, and stencil paintings on the ceiling of the early 20th century. The inscriptions in different languages ​​demonstrate not only a wide range of products offered, but also the testimony of tolerant coexistence of Ukrainians, Poles and Jews, and show the multinational nature of the ancient city.

Cafe “Stuck”

Chocolate cafe “Golden Ducat”. At the entrance to the café you will lie in wait for the lion coffee.
This coffee shop has opened in Lviv in 2004. The design and atmosphere of the coffee shop decorated in the old Galician traditions.

Here you will find more than 40 kinds of fresh coffee, which is roasted before cooking directly on your eyes. This so-called “freshkava” – a highlight of this establishment, which believed that freshly roasted coffee is different from the usual in the same way as just baked bread from lain on the counter a few days.

Lest you confused when choosing your coffee tasters “Golden Ducat” developed “Coffee Flower”, where the aromas and tastes of coffee – is colored petals and a specific taste and aroma meets a certain color petals.

Chocolate cafe “Golden Ducat”




Price in a group:  70 UAH

Cost of tours for small groups on request200 UAH (2 pers.), 250 UAH (3 pers.), 300 UAH (до 5 pers.)

NOTE: Not included in the price of food.


Book a tour, please call:
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