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Holiday Batyar in Lviv

Date: May 1-4
Location: Museum Square, 1

This year’s festival Batyar appear in a new form


The concept batjars (accent on the first syllable) is an exceptional highlight of Lviv, it is difficult to understand in a few words is not citizen of Lviv. Perhaps the most capacious notion understandable words that indicate, in the aggregate, character and worldview Batyar: romantic, dude, lover, hang, jolly, joker, mischievous, hooligan, madcap, mischievous, satirical, patriot. At the same time, batjars nowadays, storing and maintaining the tradition batyarstva, certainly dressed in clothes typical of late nineteenth, early twentieth centuries, which kept everything to every detail.

The annual city festival Batyar gives us the opportunity to penetrate deeper into this historical period, see the surroundings, style and mood of those times. Experience the culture and life of the Galicians more than two centuries ago, and try to understand this cultural phenomenon.

Poster of the cultural events in Lviv in 2016

Who were batjars in the first half of the nineteenth century, when born within itself? To understand this, one must know exactly where they originated. It was a place citywide entertainment – park Pohulyanka. Like today, Pohulyanka was then in Lychakov area. Place abounded pubs with local breweries, which are then referred to the citizens “sadochke”.

Initially batjars were still hung and those pranksters, and often bullies and thieves. Soon, these extremely negative traits batjars are gone and they started to become known to us a positive image.


львовские батяры

Lviv batjars, stately walk around the city

Later, during the military conflicts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, batjars already acted as satirists and patriots, ridiculing the “old crack,” as they called the then imperial way. A Polish-Ukrainian War batjars told us about heroes, about which legends.

In the future outlook batjars changed and they appear to us as a romantic and merry. It was during this period of their slogan became: “To love the Lions, and women love to love to joke.” Then he began to emerge of a special folklore in the spirit of this slogan.

Incredibly popular among batjars townspeople began during the 2nd Rzeczpospolita, when formed Lviv ґvara (dialect), and with it the rich local folklore and popularized batyarskie humorous songs, stories and anecdotes. The most famous of these songs – “Tylko we Lwowie” (Only in Lviv). We suggest you listen to it.



Each year the festival Batyar gives us something new. Velopromenad, the Fashion Retro, Batyarskaya Office, an exhibition of vintage cars, exclusive tours – is not an exhaustive list. Last year, the festival was visited by over 15 thousand people. This only confirms the fact that the interest of tourists to this part of the Lviv cultural unabated.

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Merry you rest, with humor in mind.

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