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City of Lions » Tours in the city and in the country » Excursion “Medieval town of Zhovkva and Krehivskyy monastery”

Excursion “Medieval town of Zhovkva and Krehivskyy monastery”

Country Tour “Medieval Town of Zhovkva and Krehivskyy monastery”


This tour of the ancient city of Zhovkva. The city is rich in its history and well preserved to this day.

In ancient times, the city was built in the style of “Renaissance”.

The second part of our tour will be held on Krehivskyy Monastery – one of the most picturesque places in Lviv.

The days of sightseeing tour: daily

Time: from 10:00 to 16:00 (possible late arrival to Lviv)

Tourist route: the city Zhovkva – Krehivskyy Monastery

The plan of the tour: departure from Lviv (10:00) – Zhovkva – Krehivskyy Monastery (review Monastery) – Lviv (return at 16:00)


What do you to be seen

First stop – the medieval Zhovkva

City Zhovkva preserved to this day with the Renaissance. By the number of architectural monuments, he is second only to the city of Lviv. In Zhovkva attracts the attention of a medieval castle Zolkiewski (1594), which was the residence of the Polish king Jan III Sobetskogo, Cathedral Church of St. Lawrence (1606) with a bell tower and falling necropolis families Sobetskih and Zolkiewski.


Средневековая Жовква, загородная экскурсия

North Gate Zhovkva castle

We will visit also the Basilian monastery with the temple of the heart of Christ (1612), and the relics of St. Parthenay, a complex of the Dominican monastery with the Church of the early Baroque (1655r.).


Basilian Monastery

экскурсия средневековая Жовква

The Church of St. Lawrence (1606-1618)

Bell tower of the Basilian monastery


Zhovkva is known for its tour Synagogue (1692r.); and Krakowska, Zvenirogodskimi Hlyniany and gates; city ​​walls, numerous towers, Moores.


реконструкция Жовквы

Reconstruction of the ancient panorama Zhovkva end of the XVII century. (Reconstruction Olga Okonchenko)


Second stop – Krehivskyy Monastery

Krehivskyy monastery is located in one of the most picturesque places in the Lviv region. It is surrounded by wilderness, wooded hills. It is here that is known in Ukraine Church of St. Nicholas (XVII-XVIII) – a religious center with two miraculous icons. The second attraction is the wooden church of the monastery “Holy Mother of God.”


Креховский Монастырь

Krehivskyy Monastery


Near the monastery there is a source of healthy water; cave church; St. Ioila cells.


Price in a group: 350 UAH

NOTE: The price includes a tour and transport services, insurance. Not included: entrance fees and meals.


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