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Check-in & Check-out

Aparthotel Apartments City of Lions • Check-in and check-out


clockCheck-in in our apartments in the period from 13:00 to 22:00. This is the start time of the first settlement day stay in the apartment.

вопросDo not forget that check-in to the apartment, for example, at 17:00 on the first night does not give you a guaranteed right to check-out around 17:00 in one of the following days.


clockCheck-out from the apartment until 12:00. This time may be extended by agreement with us if there is such possibility. This additional charge.


clockThe possibility of arrival of the morning or evening departure should be discussed in advance, when placing the order. In this case, the order amount will be increased to 50% of the cost of one night stay.




Payment for the stay is made at check-single amount, minus the amount of the advance. Payment is made in UAH.


“Security deposit”


страховой депозит“Security deposit” is the amount equal to the cost of the N-th day stay in the apartment. “Security deposit” returned to guests on departure if the apartment is returned in a state of the rental equipment and appropriate at the time of renting. In case of damage to the apartment, “Security deposit” is not refundable.

In addition, guests are required to pay an amount equal to the cost of the damages.

Security deposit, we ask the guests in the following cases:


  • The rate of cost 2 days. If the look of the guests at the settlement does not correspond to the generally accepted ethical and moral norms (while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, inadequate communication, rude or boorish behavior, etc.). Or a category of clients we can even deny the possibility of a settlement in an apartment paid for by them in the first day, without a refund of your armor.
  • The amount of the cost of 1 nights stay. Booking offers apartments class “De luxe”.
  • The amount of the cost of the entire stay. If the apartment is rented for the celebration of celebrations (rental apartments in Lviv for New Year, birthday, party, etc.)
  • In addition to the above, in the amount of 1 nights stay, if guests smoke (refundable if guests do not smoke in the apartment).

passportOn the arrival guests have to bring a proof of identity. For groups of visitors – a document for each third. In the absence of an identity document, we have the right to refuse a settlement, with no compensation paid reservation.



Cost check-in or check-out between 22:007:00 is 80 UAH – transportation costs (taxi). This amount will not be counted as payment for an apartment.


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